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Integrated account management
Repair & maintenance is easy through scraping by creation of script file(Similar to C language)
As it is based on Server Side Scraping, inquiry and transfer of bank account, cash advance transfer can be done rapidly and conveniently.
Rapid internet banking service is available as if connected to all the financial institutions.
Account transfer without charges
Through settlement without charges, transfer account without charges and time lag is possible.
Integrated management of assets of banks, cards, securities companies, and insurance companies of an individual is available, and inquiry of assets by periods/accounts is available.
By using WebXray, structure and contents of web page are available and script can be created easily.
Through WTR(Web Tracing Robot), to figure out any change in scraping webpage is available, and there is alarm function through Alert, Mail, and SMS.
By applying for data encryption/decryption, network security, server security, and existing security process of banks as they are, rapid transaction is possible.