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Mobile Payment
FX Card
FX Card
Cheap overseas remittance fee and 24-hours-available on-line service
Solving language problems by operating counseling center in local languages
Building and operation of website in local languages
Providing safer and faster remittance service with partnership with local banks
Strengthening overseas marketing by establishment of local subsidiary
24-hours-available overseas remittance service with ARS phone-banking in local languages
Business tie-up with Manpower Sending Board of Ministry of Labor(Exclusive)
Accumulated know-how in marketing targeting foreign workers
Building business cooperation system with foreign workers supporting center with public organizations/NGO
Category Remittance Service FX Card Service
Time/space Limit in time and space 24-hours-available on-line service
Fee About 5% of remittance amount About 1% of remittance amount
Language problem Local language unavailable Local language available
Time for remittance About 3 days after remittance Withdrawal is possible immediately after remittance
Real-time transaction confirmation Confirmation by visiting bank Immediate confirmation through Web/ATM/ARS
Living/tour/transportation information in Korea
Korean lecture service job-seeking/help-wanted information
Provision of various community space, personal blog, and e-mail service
Provision of news such as living information at home country, etc.
Multi-functional card service such as transportation card, telephone card, cash back card
Provision of membership function for merchants with partnership